Intel has _just_ realased the Dothan series of mobile processers, so Intel's Centrino technology is great for battery life. They have processers as low as 1 GHz using like only 1.1 volts I believe, keeping it alive for much longer. And as long as he has a nice videocard (aka Nvidia or ATi 128 mb card) any new processer should be fine for FG. DO NOT get a normal pentium 4, unless the thing has one big a** fan; it WILL overheat VERY quickly. I speak from experience, our 2 GHz p4 laptop will shutdown from heat after 5 min of running FG. Dell and Toshiba, should be good quallity-wise, but Gateway and HP I've had (many) bad experiences with like defective products, trashy coustomer service, etc...
Hope this helps,
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>Jim Wilson schrieb:
>>I've been asked to recommend a laptop with long battery life for
>>use on long
>>trans continental airline flights.  The user is word
>Get an Centrino based laptop.
>Windows is fully supported and Linux is getting there (the WLAN
>driver is in a useable beta stage)
>The brand (Acer, Dell, IBM, ...) doesn't really matter. Every major
>player has high quality / high price modells as well as those with a
>smaller price tag (and a not so good quality...)
>PS: I'm writing this on an Acer Travelmate 800 series laptop - which
>I'd buy again. It's high quality with a very reasonable price tag.
>And performance (even with FlightGear) is great
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