Hi Innis,

I just sent my MD11 files to Erik, so hopefully they show up in  CVS one of 
these days. I haven't done any _systematic_ testing yet, so I can't confirm 
whether or not the 850 units value is the absolute cut-off or not, but moving 
both CoG and Main gear forward to less than 850 unit solved the 
initialization problem for me. :-)

Now, does moving the CoG forward impact anything at all? I can imagine that it 
doesn't when we move everthing else forward too, by the same number of units, 
but I'm still unfamiliar enough to be completely wrong here. Moving just the 
CoG and the main gears didn't really seem to impact the feel of the flight 
model though. 

Just out of curiousity: Did you also use aeromatic to generate your MD-11 
config file, or did you build it manually. I saw similar, but slightly 
different values in your config file, compared to the ones I got from 

Speaking of a 3D model, yeah, it would be cool to stitch in a FS98 model until 
we have a decent native GPL'ed model. I've never done this though, so some 
useful tips would be more than welcome. :-)


On Sunday 25 April 2004 13:05, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Hi Durk
> I don't know if you have actually got the A/C to sit on the ground
> correctly yet.But I have got both the 747 and MD11 to sit correctly
> by making sure the CG figure is no further back than 850 X units and the
> MLG figures also no further back than 850 X units any further back and the
> model does not sit correctly.
> See below for extracts from both my config files

> I don't know if you are interested but I grabed a MD11 from
> FS 98  from Simviation just so at least the model looked like a
> MD11.
> If you are not familiar with using FS98 models give me a yell.
> Durk Talsma writes
> >On Saturday 24 April 2004 14:50, Erik Hofman wrote:
> > > Innis Cunningham wrote:
> > > > Also the further back you put the CofG the higher off the ground the
> >
> >A/C
> >
> > > > seems to start.
> > >
> > > This almost sounds like and axis mismatch. Is the gear located in the
> > > structural frame or in the body frame?
> >
> >It actually reminds me that during one of my tweaks I noticed that I found
> >the
> >aircraft to flip-over sideways, while I was only moving either gears or
> > CoG forward or backward. I didn't give it much thougth then, and
> > therefore don't
> >remember the exact parameters that made this happen. But, would it be
> >possible than that specifically in the JSB trimming routine somehow.
> >
> >I feel it's still a bit premature, but if anybody wants to play with the
> >MD11
> >files, I could offer them for cvs inclusion. Who should I send them to?
> >Curt?
> >Erik?
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Durk
> Cheers
> Innis
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