"Ampere K. Hardraade" said:

> Hi,
> Sorry for the late reply.  I've just finished my exams earlier this week.  
> Here is what I have so far:
> http://www.cs.yorku.ca/~cs233144/2004050100.jpg
> http://www.cs.yorku.ca/~cs233144/2004050101.jpg
> http://www.cs.yorku.ca/~cs233144/2004050102.jpg
> Does FlightGear support 3DS format?

Nice looking model!  It does, because plib includes support for the 3DS
format.  I'm not sure what limitations there are as far as configuring
animation is concerned.  If there are issues there you can always use the
converter included with FlightGear (see /util/3dconvert) to create ac3d files
from the 3DS.



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