Hi Erik

Erik Hofman writes

Innis Cunningham wrote:

Also the further back you put the CofG the higher off the ground the A/C seems to start.

This almost sounds like and axis mismatch. Is the gear located in the structural frame or in the body frame?
I am not sure what you mean.The gear is placed were Aeromatic thinks
it should go based on the size of the A/C and that it is a tricycle undercarrage.
But after more testing tonight I find if you keep the CG and MLG items in jbsim
below 850 X units the A/C inializes normally. Move either of the items past 870 X
units and the A/C won't inialize correctly.
Why ?. I don't know.
The only thing now is the 747 seems to fly 8-10deg right wing low I guess with
all the hacking I have done something is not in the right spot.



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