Marco Gugel wrote:
> I would like to have an explanation regarding the yasim xml config file.
> In particular I want to know more about the coordinate system used on this
> file.

There is a README.yasim in the base package, in the Aircraft-yasim

The YASim coordinate system is "X forward, Y left, Z up".  Basically,
point your right hand away from you like a gun: your forefinger and
index finger are the X and Y axes, your thumb is Z.

> My start point for the coordinate are those of ac3d. Can I use the same
> origin of ac3d or am I forced to use the nose of the plane (how can I set
> it) as origin?

YASim itself doesn't care where you put the origin.  You should
definitely pick the same point that you use for the model origin in

> Moreover: does the location of a gear  refer to the centre of it? Is the
> tip of the gear the closest point to the ground or not? Or is it the centre
> of the gear?

It is the tip (i.e. contact point, bottom of tire) of the gear at
maximum extension.


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