Marco Gugel wrote:
> as I told to Andy Ross I would like to implement a truck driving
> simulation in FlightGear but my doubt regards the collision detection,
> which is not implemented! It's only a week that I study FlightGear
> code and I have now no idea if the collision detection is reasonably
> implementable or not and, if yes, how.

Well, there's the catch: if someone knew how to do it well enough to
explain it to you completely, it would already have been done. :)

Yes.  There are definitely general-purpose polygon intersection
routines in FlightGear (see Scenery/hitlist.cxx).  But no: no one has
studied with them sufficiently to integrate them with the existing
FDMs.  Honestly, the only real way to do development on a software
project (any project) is to dive in and read code.  Our product is a
program, not a tool; there is no "SDK" for FlightGear. :)

And as regards your other question: yes, this is a difficult task.
The collision issue probably isn't so bad (although YASim is going to
have some performance issues to tackle: currently it can have dozens
of contact points per aircraft), but the "non-slip" gear model is just
plain hard.


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