ima.sudonim wrote:
> Calibration error?  Is this a problem internal to the joystick? In
> the way plib or fg processes the joystick info?

It is a problem with your joystick.  Analog sticks have, since the
beginning of time, varied widely in the voltages they report to the
gameport.  So DOS games always had a "calibrate joystick" option to
figure out what dynamic range really is.  Modern drivers still have
this option, although I haven't personally seen a USB stick that
required any calibration (others swear they have, though).

The bottom line is that this is a driver/OS issue.  While you can fix
it in FlightGear by mucking with the XML, you really shouldn't have
to.  It is the job of the operating system to tell you what the
physical position of the stick is in correct units.  Hunt for a
joystick preferences or control applet somewhere.


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