ima.sudonim wrote:
> So why is the above nothing like the XML file which reads:
> [...]
> And why is the rudder axis missing? I'm sure that I'm missing
> something obvious here, but I just can't see it! Argh!

As an immediate guess, I'd say it's because you're editing the wrong
XML file.

Eureka! I wasn't editing the wrong XML file, I was giving it the wrong joystick name! The name needed to be "MacALLY USB Joystick ". I had of course "MacAlly USB Joystick ". User error! 8-( Of course, js_demo was telling me the right name, I just ignored it for some reason.

I had to swap the throttle and elevator axes to get them the way that I want, but things are working much better now! Even the hats are working (thanks, Olivier!)...
The <name> matching is a little tricky: it needs to match

very tricky 8-)

exactly, otherwise you end up with the default joystick.xml file
(which, suspiciously, lacks a rudder definition).

You are SO RIGHT! That WAS the default joystick.xml file being loaded... I would have never guessed so I'm very glad you told me <grin>

Your comments on joystick name case and your comments on needing to convert raw joystick axis values to a -1 to 1 value on an axis was what I needed to get this working.

Thanks very much!



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