> Yes I know I downloaded it and used it. Didn't know about the monitoring
> file you were outputing from it, ended up with a 400meg file, good thing
> I had it on the big drive(LOL).

Oops! :-)  I really ought to turn these off by default.  In fact, the OUTPUT section is
destined to be removed from aircraft files and put in a different 
config file in the future I think.

> Some things about the FDM.The engine and prop tie up seems strange.
> If I increase the diameter of the prop the idle rpm drops and with a 10'5''
> prop for some reason the prop pitch never got past about 12deg with the
> throttle wide open.Is the prop a direct drive off the crankshaft or is there
> a gearing property somewhere I have not found.

We did implement gearing, but I am not sure what the status if that is, or if the 
made it into the P-51D FDM. In any case, it is untested and rough beta.

> Also the best I have been able to get out of the P51 is about 275mph at
> about 5000' and the best climb rate with out loseing speed is about
> 1500'/min.
> What properties would be worth playing with in the aero FDM to improve these
> figures closer to what the actual A/C could achive.

Sounds like drag is too high, or it could be that the prop problems are causing low
performance from the engine model ...

What I am most curious about is how easy it was to take off.


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