Vivian Meazza wrote:
> Performance: max = 437mph at combat emergency power at 25000ft,
> 413mph at 15000ft, 395mph at 5000ft, cruising speed 362mph,
> climb rate 3475 ft/min.  Service ceiling 41,900ft.

How much is combat emergency power?  The trick is getting the actual
numbers right, is it possible that the engine is misconfigured?  Our
numbers have it developing 1590 HP at 3000 RPM, is there more power
available?  Also, these still don't specify configuration: How much
fuel? are the external tanks attached?  Typically these "max" numbers
are with something near the empty weight.

I just ordered a copy of the F-15D flight manual from, hopefully this will have POH-like
numbers.  I'll let folks know how it turns out.


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