Andy Ross said:

> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Performance: max = 437mph at combat emergency power at 25000ft,
> > 413mph at 15000ft, 395mph at 5000ft, cruising speed 362mph,
> > climb rate 3475 ft/min.  Service ceiling 41,900ft.
> How much is combat emergency power?  The trick is getting the actual

Well...hmmm...  The Air Force page shows the horsepower rating at 1695,

Most everywhere else it says 1590.

One of those scans from the manual shows WEP at 3300 rpm.  So perhaps 1695
@3300 is with WEP and 1590 @3000 is w/o WEP?  WEP basically jumps the MP up to
67 Hg.  Normal max throttle w/supercharger is 61 Hg up to 30,000 ft (sea level
horsepower is available up to 30,000ft).



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