Melchior FRANZ said:

> Andy has once posted a method to create instrument scales using Perl to
> output PostScript commands. While I like Perl, I'm not good at PS, so I
> tried an alternate approach: MetaPost.
> MetaPost is a spin-off of MetaFont, which was designed to create the fonts
> for TeX. Is comes with typical TeX installations and should be available on
> any Linux/Unix workstation.
> Here's a small MetaPost file that I used to make the Bo105 rotor tacho
> (which is totally made up; need some expert advice first):

Check out:

>  (1.9kB)
> It's still quite trivial and does only use a tiny fraction of MetaPost's
> possibilities. Also, it's not the best coding style yet. I'll probably make
> a library with common functions (like "arc") as I see need. MetaPost creates
> PostScript files, that I converted to png/rgb using "convert"/rle:

Looks interesting.



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