* Jim Wilson -- Thursday 20 May 2004 15:18:
> The rotor can exceed the drive shaft speed (e.g. autorotation).  Is that what
> you are asking?

No, I couldn't see where 442 would fit into that scale, and what 140 should
stand for (140 RPM? ... too low; or 14000 RPM? ... too high), but ...

> Those ticks are a "percent" of something, note that label 
> "Percent RPM" on the face in that pic.

aaaahh ... now that makes sense. I couldn't read the word "PERCENT". I guess
one needs to be native English speaker to be able to decipher that. OK, I'll
do this instrument now -- only the rotor hand, though, because there's no
turbine RPM in YASim (?). Maybe I'll make the turbine RPM up with Nasal ...

> I think online somewhere you might 
> find a helicopter manual for Fly 2 that explains some of this.

Hey, I have a real Bo105 pilot at hand since a few days. Just need to ask him
and wait for response. :-)


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