Melchior FRANZ said:

> * Jim Wilson -- Thursday 20 May 2004 01:46:
> > Melchior FRANZ said:
> > > Here's a small MetaPost file that I used to make the Bo105 rotor tacho
> > > (which is totally made up; need some expert advice first):
> > 
> > Check out:
> >
> Hey, very cool. The best cockpit photo that I've seen so far. How could I miss
> that. The sad thing is that none of the photos agree on instrument layout.
> (I miss an ADF, btw.) Looks like Maik's rotor RPM numbers are off (442 RPM).
> I can't make sense of the dual tacho.

The rotor can exceed the drive shaft speed (e.g. autorotation).  Is that what
you are asking?  Those ticks are a "percent" of something, note that label
"Percent RPM" on the face in that pic.  I think online somewhere you might
find a helicopter manual for Fly 2 that explains some of this.


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