Terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com has aerial photographs of the US and
Alaska down to 1m resolution (though most of it is 10yrs old, for
obvious reasons). Most of the US and Alaska, at least. No, we can't get
photo-scenery for Groom Lake. 

They get the photographs from USGS, but I can't find out if it's
possible to just grab the lot. I take it that it isn't, though they also
seem to have colour-infrared photographs available.

I'm not sure how much a non-US national can help if anybody wants the

Giles Robertson

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Corrubia, Stacie K wrote:
> Is it possible to bring in either raw or TIFF imagery to the flight
> gear environment? The imagery has been georegistered and is part of a
> set of stereo pair images used to create 3-D models and DEMs.  Can
> the imagery data (as well as 3-models and high resolution DEMs (3
> meter DEMs) be overlaid on an existing lower resolution dataset
> already  in the environment?

Now I've stopped drooling and repeatedly saying "3 meters!" I'll reply

All the flightgear scenery is preprocessed using the tools available
at www.terragear.org. If you're wanting to create high resolution 
scenery then this is where you'll need to start. There's a tutorial


That will cover the basics. The code for the positioning of photographic

images is very under-developed, and not really in a usable state yet. It

can be made to work reasonably effectively but imposes a very high load 
on the graphics subsystem as flightgear does not yet support texture

Jon Stockill

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