A good updated version of the Scenery Tutorial is here:


Not sure why this has not been adopted on the main site.

Earlier in the year I had some success with a simple method of placing
photo scenery here are some results:


Pressure of work has kept me away from Flightgear for a while which is a
shame so have made no further progress.

Happy to explain how this was done if anyone is interested. 
There is no theoretical limitation to the coverage achievable by this
method. Apparently the potential limitations are to do with the dynamic
loading of textures and a need for a scenery LOD system.

As an update I have been trying to get something in writing from coch
media and getmapping to confirm the usability of the aerial imagery in
the getmapping series CDs under the eula. This is what I had used to
create the above scenery. There's been several emails between us, but no
decision as such, have chased them again today.


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