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> Most of the time, buildings on the screen use up only a tiny number of 
> pixels.  I often do buildings with 5 quads and a 64x64 texture, but even
> that much texture is too much sometimes.
> A city with a lot of simple buildings will look much more realistic than
> a city with only a few highly-detailed buildings.  I don't think there's
> any consumer hardware out there yet that could handle, say 300,000 or
> more buildings for a big city, so the same point applies no matter what
> you're running.

Is there the ability to give a distance-dependancy to the textures
used on a model?  Or, alternately, to have the specific model/texture
set used be distance-dependent?  I'm aware that one can apply
distance-dependent effects to the xml file, but I haven't yet found
any docs about how that works (none in data/Docs, for instance).
If possible, then I might think that one could use a very very small
texture (little more than color) tiled over the face of an object at
large distances, then switch to something more detailed once closer.


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