I'm not sure if this is an isolated problem I'm experiencing, or is every flightgear user (using multiplayer) quietly in denial about the poor performance of the multiplayer option???

I speak of the jittery, unstable presence of the 'other plane' when using flightgear on one PC or across the network. Positioning the planes (for example, using 2 planes) at the same altitude but within site of each other should have them smoothly cruising along in most cases. What I'm seeing however, is a second plane which rapidly jumps forward and backward along side the first. In addition, the plane seems to set its own altitude and at times alters it... all this happens when the controls are not being touched on either flightgear instance. I guess the most laughable example was watching the same gound features pass under either plane at the same moment in time (when run on 2 seperate PC's across a network), but having the second plane shoot off in the distance.

Since I've tried repeatedly to get someone to have a look at this (but failed to), I was hoping someone could point me to some resource, or explain:

- where one plane sends its position information
- where the data structure (matrix?) thats used to store the info is
- how often does this happen
... and any other relevant info so I can go and look into this problem myself.

if there's something I have set up wrong, could you let me know... otherwise I'll leave you all happily in denial about this problem.

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