Ed Sirett wrote:
I have been lurking on this list for a while but now I have something to

Fly just about any JSBsim or Yasim model (not UFO or UINC) get the plane
level, straight and stable with or without the AP.
AFAI can tell it happens on all JSB and YASIM models that you can get

Now press the z/Z to adjust the visibility a few times and the whole
plane will get a shake up just as if the stick was waggled.

This happens because the FGEnvironment class has to be reinitialized every time you change visibility. These sudden changes don't fade-in the newly fetched values, but drop the in at once. Esp. for the wind (and turbulence) this can cause the waggle effect.

For FlightGear changing visibility is not just an OpenGL state change, but lots of other stuff has to adopt to that (including sky/cloud coloring, etc).


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