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You used to be online mapping services that would (directly or indirectly) get you the lat/lon of things on the image, but I think they realized the usefulness of this and I haven't found anything for free lately ... even mapquest seems to have gotten rid of their aerial photo feature.

SNIP and both give .5 m color ortho photos for many major American cities, and I think 2m bw for the rest of the US. You can get the lat/lon of the corners of the image from both, and both also tell you the scale of the image. terraserver has a nicer interface, but seamless also has access to many other datasets like vector roads and land use.

I have a related problem, while we're on the subject. I'm going to place a custom beacon at Andrews. First, it's a military beacon so it has three lights, and second it sits directly on top of a water tower, which will be a separate model. When I submit the taxiway data to Robin with the location of the beacon will this cause your generation scripts to place a standard beacon tower at the same spot?


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Sorry, that's Good thing I don't use TerraGen as well, I'd probably just start gibbering.


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