Curtis L. Olson wrote:

The airport generation scripts create a beacon if there is one in the datafile for that airport, yes. Perhaps we need a way to provide a manually maintained exceptions list when building airports (and scenery).

Didn't Robin's data originally contain a field specifying whether the default airport buildings (and presumably, the beacon) should be included?

Just as a point of amusement, I'll mention that beacons are sometimes a bit of a joke: they're often U/S, and even when they do work they're extremely difficult to see anywhere near civilization. I'm having trouble remembering if I've ever managed to use a beacon to find an airport at night (the usual tricks, barring a GPS, are to line up on an approach for a bigger airport, or simply to key up the ARCAL and watch where the runway pop up for a smaller airport).

Now that I think about it, I might have seen the beacon for Smith's Falls (CYSH) once before I spotted the airport -- or does Smith's Falls have a beacon?

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