Curtis L. Olson wrote:
Josh Babcock wrote: and both give .5 m color ortho photos for many major American cities, and I think 2m bw for the rest of the US. You can get the lat/lon of the corners of the image from both, and both also tell you the scale of the image. terraserver has a nicer interface, but seamless also has access to many other datasets like vector roads and land use.

I have a related problem, while we're on the subject. I'm going to place a custom beacon at Andrews. First, it's a military beacon so it has three lights, and second it sits directly on top of a water tower, which will be a separate model. When I submit the taxiway data to Robin with the location of the beacon will this cause your generation scripts to place a standard beacon tower at the same spot?

The airport generation scripts create a beacon if there is one in the datafile for that airport, yes. Perhaps we need a way to provide a manually maintained exceptions list when building airports (and scenery).


Maybe if there is a user defined object whose name matches *beacon* within a certain radius of the airport center then automatic generation of a beacon could be suppressed. The radius could be based on the length of the longest runway, or possibly there is some FAA rule about how close airport beacons can be to each other and still be considered different airports. Anyway, the data should already be in whatever database you use to store custom scenery, it just takes some smart scripting to see it.


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