David Megginson wrote:
> Some of these are using the bindings solely to set flap detents
> we should find a better system than that.

We already do, actually.  Take a look at the 747 configuration,
you basically just drop in a /sim/flaps section that looks like:

   <setting>0.000</setting> <!-- Flaps 1: 66% Slats only at this detent -->
   <setting>0.167</setting> <!-- Flaps 5: 100% Slats -->
   <setting>0.333</setting> <!-- Flaps 10: takeoff -->
   <setting>0.667</setting> <!-- Flaps 20: takeoff, go-around -->
   <setting>0.833</setting> <!-- Flaps 25: landing -->
   <setting>1.000</setting> <!-- Flaps 30: landing -->

...and the default bindings to the right thing.  Doing the
handler code was easy, porting all the existing content over to
the new scheme takes more effort.  We're in a similar situation
with the Joystick bindings, where many of the less-used sticks
still aren't using the newer Nasal bindings (like the one that
flap settings like the above).


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