Josh Babcock said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > Modelers could perhaps build at the "aircraft specific" versions, so
> > that they are there, and the program would default to ignoring these.  Users
> > who wanted the alternate versions could then deliberately enable them. 
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> What if there were an intermediate layer, call it functions.  Each key in a key 
> configuration is bound to a function, say key 's' -> function 'aero-braking'. 
> Then a plane config could simply say I need function 'aero-braking' defined and 
> so on.  Then the user just picks a key config that has all the appropriate 
> functions, (or even one that doesn't, but this should generate a warning so our 
> user can fix his key config).  When the user what's to activate his speedbrake, 
> or drogue chute or whatever aero-braking system that their plane has, they just 
> press 's' or whatever they have defined.  Loads a different plane, different 
> plane author, different, but similar, braking system maybe, but the function 
> name stays the same across planes, and the actual key that Joe user presses 
> stays the same.
> The only caveat is that we would have to make sure everyone is using the same 
> function names, but that's a lot easier than doing it with keys, since keys are 
> finite but there are an endless number of potential function names.  If we
> with a broad enough list of functions to bind keys to, people should be able to 
> work within the system without having to add a new function too often.  When 
> they do, the user just has to edit his key config and add a key for that
> Josh, still convinced that aircraft shouldn't be able to define the interface.

That sounds great Josh.  And the "functions", independant of any binding would
be on the order of "increase-flaps" or "decrease-flaps" rather than current
single binding definition with "mod" entries (e.g. mod-shift).  Your example
ought be two functions: "aero-braking-on" and "aero-braking-off",  two
different bindings that could be attached to keys, key combos (like shift+key)
or joystick buttons.

It is possible that something might have a similar function, e.g. aero braking
and still be deployed it might be difficult to generalize in
many cases.



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