I'm new around here, and to the FG/plib way of doing these things,
but i'd like to point that there are a lot of textures that can be shared, take
a look at the 747 for example, and so my ideal directory structure would be

a 757 with a panel.rgb, gear.rgb and fuselage.rgb

Data/Aircraft/some_aircraft/Models/base0 : here put all the files, with
fuselage.rgb having some default fallback (useful for online play or so, not
everyone may have the livery someone else used in disk)

Data/Aircraft/some_aircraft/Models/base1 : imagine someone redoes the panel
texture with another style, put's the new panel.rgb here along with the old
gear.rgb and fuselage.rgb, so you pick the panel you like most

Data/Aircraft/some_aircraft/Models/United : if someone does a United Airlines
painting, creates this folder and just put's the new fuselage.rgb here, since
panel.rgb and gear.rgb don't change from airline to airline

so you just specify something like this:


and files with the same name in the United folder "override" files in the base0.

One can imagine an arbitrary number of folders and priorities can be made, but i
think this way should be enough.
Of course this doesn't require remaking all aircrafts, but to use it properly,
relevant textures must appear in different files.

Hope i was clear :P


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