On Friday 16 July 2004 22:02, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> I want to bring a new subject before the group.
> In the past we have discussed potential income sources for the FG
> project, so I think it's fair to discuss another option since the
> opportunity has introduced itself today.
> There is a company that makes hardware (3d glasses, head tracker, voice
> recognition, joysticks, gaming chairs, etc.) that is of potential
> interest to flight sim enthusiasts.
> If we put banner adds on our web site, and one of our visiters clicks
> through and buys something from this company (being referred from our
> site) then we would get a 10% commission from the sale.  I believe there
> is some flexibility in the design of the banner so perhaps we could have
> some input so it's not *too* obnoxious.  (?)
> But any way you cut it, putting advertisements on our web site will
> change the look and feel of our web site and probably influence the
> impression our project projects to the world ...
> Is this a direction we want to explore?  It wouldn't have to be a
> permanent thing.  I think we could choose to end the arrangement at any
> time.  We stop referring potential customers ... no more commissions for
> us ... I think it's that simple.
> Any thoughts?  Any strong feelings?  We get a pretty good chunk of daily
> hits so we do have some "referring power" to swing around.  What do you
> think?  Wrong way down the slippery slope?  Good idea?  I'll buy
> anything with Curt's personal AAA*** rating?
> Thanks,
> Curt.

IMO, money exists and until there's either a well thought out alternative, or 
no further need for it, you might as well try to get along with it.

However, there is a degree of implied endorsement and association so I think 
that anything 'endorsed' in this way should be checked for quality to ensure 
that it doesn't give the project a bad name.

Considering this specific example, I'd suggest that some thought is given to 
the issue of compatibility between the product and FG i.e. they should send 
you samples so you can ensure that it all works with FG and is up to FG's 
quality and standards;)


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