Erik Hofman wrote:
Boris Koenig wrote:

Getting even more extreme, one might ponder about offering that said
company to integrate their webpage address or even company logo directly
into some of the future official FlightGear releases.

No, No No. Never.
This is not going to happen.

lol, didn't like the idea that much either ;-)

But on the other hand I followed the whole discussion about FlightGear
financing and had to notice that most people simply tend to object
against any suggestions that are being made, INSTEAD of making
better suggestions themselves.

I do understand that there are some strong feelings involved in the
whole issue, but then again, I also see MANY of the other _BIG_
opensource projects really relying on such kind of income.
And all this can still happen on a volunteer basis.

So, please understand my views about that correctly: if it was my call, I wouldn't WANT to make the decision either, simply because of all the hassles AND also the potential change of perception, involved. But as a USER I perfectly understand that some kind of income needs to be made, either the one way or the other.

Even if the the whole advertising idea should be dropped (which _I_
would not recommend: one should *FIRST* give the whole thing a try !),
I would still suggest to at least set up a support/donation-specific
set of pages on - possibly even involving some kind of
"feature request bidding system" (which I suggested in my last mail).

While objecting against such changes is pretty easy (and I repeat again: I don't like most of the stuff either), one should take into consideration that the project itself might suffer by such decisions, simply because of the inflexibility of the decision makers or community in that case. Just think about the possibilites the FlightGear project could have if there was at least some kind of financial basis.

SO, instead of taking my mail apart and telling me what's NOT going
to happen it might be more helpful for the final outcome to make
new suggestions - which in the end, might be helpful for the final
outcome, *I* certainly wouldn't mind if FlightGear is being kept
AD-free and all the idas I mentioned so far are ignored, IF anybody of
YOU can make an even more acceptable suggestion it would be ALL THE

(Just mentioning this because of some private mails that I've received
meanwhile) ;-)

--------- Boris - no affiliated with any simulator hardware vendor - :-)

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