Speaking as a user/contributor - not as a member of the project, so this is 
just my personal opinion:

Assuming there are no Linux drivers, how would they feel about GPL'd ones?

Personally, while I much prefer GPL software and would really like it if they 
did GPL a Linux driver, I'm not completely down on close-source stuff either 
- you pays your money and takes your choice.  It wouldn't bother me either if 
someone associated with the FG community developed closed-source drivers for 
their h/w.  While it would mean that FG couldn't distribute the drivers, at 
least it would mean that Linux drivers were distributed with the h/w, which 
would have to be a good thing.

And of course, I'd expect that if someone did do some closed-source drivers 
they'd get paid for it.

Like I say - just my personal opinion.


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