I wrote:

> Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> > I've started doing some of the pre-release work for FlightGear-0.9.5
> > (which is the next release.)  That means I'd like to do our "official"
> > next release in the next week or two.  Please take a few minutes to
> > download the tar balls and test this pre1 release.  Please!  This is our
> > quality control so if no one tests the pre releases and reports
> > problems, they will end up in the final release.
> Just a thought :
> Maybe it would be wise to have a TerraGear release that match released
> SimGear as well ? That would avoid question about compatibility issues
> that are only resolved in CVS.

And what about jumping in version numbers ( all 3 projects to 0.9.5 ) to
make clear what are the dependencies ?


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