What kind of problems did you see? I've sent a lot of changes to Erik about 
two weeks ago. That update fixed a lot of stuff, including the autopilot, 
which makes it a lot easier to fly. The CVS version is a little heavy during 
take-off. I.e. doesn't start pitching up until at about 200 kts, but we're 
working on that. Please let me know what problems you had, and I can see what 
I can fix.

Also, note that including the MD-11 at this stage is not my first preference: 
that would be including the new traffic manager and AIFlightplan code, and 
use *only* the 737 traffic. 

On the other hand: The MD-11  *is* the first aircraft that has multi livery 
support, which is a kinda neat feature. :-)


On Thursday 22 July 2004 19:51, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> Durk Talsma wrote:
> >I just started building FlightGear-0.9.5-pre2. SimGear compiled and built
> >fine, and FlightGear is compiling as I type.
> >
> >One thing I noticed is that the Traffic Manager issue still isn't resolved
> >yet. fgfs-base-0.9.5 doesn't contain the MD-11, but the current traffic
> > files require this aircraft to be present.
> >
> >I've sent Erik a patch that would allow us to use alternative traffic
> > patterns instead. Erik, would you mind adding this to cvs, or does
> > everybody feel this is a new feature and should not be added to until the
> > next version? If the former then I can go ahead and modify the traffic
> > list.
> Hmmm, I hadn't included the MD11 because when I looked at it (maybe two
> weeks ago) it still seemed very much "under development".  And there are
> big problems with the flight dynamics making it virtually unflyable.  I
> could include it in the base, but it would be really great if someone
> could work on the flight dynamics enough so that it is at least
> plausibly flyable.
> Regards,
> Curt.

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