On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 20:17:34 +0200
 Durk Talsma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

What kind of problems did you see? I've sent a lot of changes to Erik about two weeks ago. That update fixed a lot of stuff, including the autopilot, which makes it a lot easier to fly. The CVS version is a little heavy during take-off. I.e. doesn't start pitching up until at about 200 kts, but we're working on that. Please let me know what problems you had, and I can see what I can fix.

Also, note that including the MD-11 at this stage is not my first preference: that would be including the new traffic manager and AIFlightplan code, and use *only* the 737 traffic.

On the other hand: The MD-11 *is* the first aircraft that has multi livery support, which is a kinda neat feature. :-)


On Thursday 22 July 2004 19:51, Curtis L. Olson wrote:
Durk Talsma wrote:
>I just started building FlightGear-0.9.5-pre2. SimGear compiled and built
>fine, and FlightGear is compiling as I type.
>One thing I noticed is that the Traffic Manager issue still isn't resolved
>yet. fgfs-base-0.9.5 doesn't contain the MD-11, but the current traffic
> files require this aircraft to be present.
>I've sent Erik a patch that would allow us to use alternative traffic
> patterns instead. Erik, would you mind adding this to cvs, or does
> everybody feel this is a new feature and should not be added to until the
> next version? If the former then I can go ahead and modify the traffic
> list.

Hmmm, I hadn't included the MD11 because when I looked at it (maybe two
weeks ago) it still seemed very much "under development". And there are
big problems with the flight dynamics making it virtually unflyable. I
could include it in the base, but it would be really great if someone
could work on the flight dynamics enough so that it is at least
plausibly flyable.

Is the MD-11 a JSBSim aircraft? I thought it was, but I don't recall it being in our CVS ... is the AI aircraft its own FDM?


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