Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Andy Ross wrote:
> > What's wrong with /controls/flight/elevator-trim?
> Because stab trim and elevator trim are not the same.  It is like
> saying a piston engine and a jet engine are the same.  They are in the
> fact that they both provide thrust to the aircraft.It is how they do
> it that is different.

But this logic and your example would therefore argue for separate
*throttle* properties for jets and piston engines. :)

The elevator-trim property is a control.  It represents a lever (or
wheel, or rocker switch...) that the pilot uses to change the trim
properties of the aircraft.  It really doesn't have anything to do
with the physical properties of the aircraft.

So I'll ask again: what is it you want to do that cannot be done with
the existing control property?


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