Jon Stockill wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:

Jon Stockill wrote:

Erik Hofman wrote:

My personal opinion would be to get everything at one place, preferably (but not necessarily) in a separate CVS branch at just like the world wide scenery right now. That would be easiest for everybody (and provides mirror sites).

That makes life very easy for us, but it's far from newbie friendly.

What's wrong with the way world wide terrain data can be downloaded for FlightGear right now?

Nothing at all - point and click is good, and makes is incredibly easy for anyone who can use a browser to get the scenery they want. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant - I thought you were talking about just having a cvs repository for all the extras, I'm thinking now you intended for it to be checked out onto a server in the same way as the website is - is that correct?

Yes. Maintaining can be done using CVS and when the official release is out it can be just a matter of letting a script generate the tarballs for the static scenery.


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