* Curtis L. Olson -- Wednesday 07 July 2004 00:36:
> I have commited a first stab at a Concorde model, first created by 
> Melchior and the further enhanced by Thierry [...]

Actually, I didn't create the Concorde model. I only did the first
conversion to ac3d and rgb and some trivial optimization. The model
was done by "Bogey" and presented on the Blender forum (http://www.blender.org;
on 24 Oct 2003 06:23 pm; Subject: "Update Concord. Screen shots & download links"):

* Bogey:
| [...] we can keep it flying virtually. Ive posted my Concord model 
| on Kazaa and eDonkey if anyone would like it. Search for Blender 
| Concord.zip and feel free to use it howerver.

I asked him if we could distribute the model under the terms of the GPL,
to which he answered:

* Bogey:
| [...] As for the model itself, It was a gift to the community with no ristrictions 
| at all. mfranz, I wasent aware of the opensource flightgear project before your post 
| but it looks like a fantastic program and nothing would make me happier 
| than the possability of you exporting the model for use in the program. 
| [...] Anyway good luck, and mention me if you like.

Even though the GPL doesn't require giving credit, I'd like to have his
name mentioned somewhere along with the model files, or in the Thanks file,
or wherever ... or rather: his nick name. Unfortunately, I do neither know
his/her real name, nor an email address.


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