On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 06:14:03PM -0000, Jim Wilson wrote:
> Harald said:
> > - it's an external application because there is no need to put it in FG
> > code and there would be some complication with the display and keyboard
> > part ;

I like the idea of a FMC system. :-)

> It would actually be very nice to have a FlightGear subsystem for this.  Even
> nicer if it was possible to configure features via an xml config file (since
> not all FMCs are exactly the same).  You can still manipulate data through the
> property system.
I know that it would have some advantages if the FMC were part of
flightgear, however I tend towards an seperate program like Harald is
It could be easily networked so you could use an older computer with a
small monitor to put the FMC/CDU on. The FMC program wouldn't even have
to provide a text/graphics output necessarily. 
Would it work to have one node in the property tree that would contain
the text on the CDU display ?
The 3D cockpit could listen for changes to this node and when one
happens, update the CDU display in the 3D cockpit...

> It should be very easy to use the NewGUI feature (xml gui) to present a
> display with buttons as well as pc keyboard input.

How about the setup in a B747-400 with 3 CDUs (and AFAIR also 3 FMCs). 
For those building cockpits at home, having more than one CDU, each
displaying different pages would be nice :-)


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