On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 02:26:12PM +0200, Boris Koenig wrote:
> > x11 yes, but what if not OpenGL capable.
> well, in that specific example I was referring to the case
> where a secondy machine would running dedicatedly for the
> purpose of displaying a CDU for a FMS - so GENERALLY I would

I migth have misunderstood you. I thought you meant running the CDU in a
slaved fgfs.

> I see - but even though this was mainly only a thought.I really
> think that there's no need for any OpenGL requirements in order
> to display something as trivial as a CDU.

Yes. That was my point.

> > Or homebuilt cheap external CDUs :-)
> don't know about these, if you've any experience with these
> it might be interesting, maybe just for the sake of adding

well, I have some parts at home. Not finshed. Doing the electronics
interface currently. (details: http://cockpit.varxec.net/electronics/PHCC.html)

Ususally, homebuilt CDUs consist of a small LCD w/ TV or VGA interface, 
the pushbuttons and a piece of plastic resembling the CDU panel. 
Use an older PC to drive the LCD with a CDU/FMC software running on it
(or remotely if using X11)

> support to deal with that stuff, there's probably some
> basic specification using RS232 or USB for data exchange,
> I'd guess ?

both is possible. 

> SimGear itself is rather meant to provide a generic framework for
> simulations - so, the things that you are mentioning would be rather
> specific to flight simulator applications  hence it would certainly
> make more sense to directly integrate it into FG itself.

If you look at some stuff in SimGear, you'll see that there are
flightsim specific things... and if someone wanted to write a FMS 
procedure trainer, he could link simgeear in, but wouldn't need any
flightgear stuff. AFAIR, Flightgear doesn't build any libs that are
used by 3rd party programs.

To me, SimGear seems the perfect for the kind of routines I mentioned.

> In order to really determine what data and functions to access
> it would be necessary, one would first need to look into a
> FMC manual and find out what data sources are being used to

AFAIK FMCs (at least the ones used onboard Boeings) use airdata, IRS,
and possibly GPS. They can control (nav-)radio tuning, ACARS...
They interface with the autopilot, flight control computer and probably
a bunch more.
I also remember something about weight&balance.

> compute the stuff, OR what -flightgear based data- could
> ALTERNATIVELY be used for that purpose.


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