On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 09:27:02PM +0200, Boris Koenig wrote:
> > Ususally, homebuilt CDUs consist of a small LCD w/ TV or VGA interface, 
> > the pushbuttons and a piece of plastic resembling the CDU panel. 
> > Use an older PC to drive the LCD with a CDU/FMC software running on it
> > (or remotely if using X11)
> is the latter really an already established mechanism, I was
> really under the impression for it to be a spontaneous idea :-)

No it wasn't an instantaneous idea.
I have a prototype CDU "panel" (made from paper, overhead transparencies
and transparent contact paper). 

Check out X11GC, a x11-based glass cockpit software I'm working on. 
Thats whats gonna drive my CDU. But for the logic behind it, the FMC, 
it'd be nice to have a standalone program... :)
the X11GC page:

two CDU screenshots:
(The fonts for this demo are the Aerowinx CDU fonts. They are not GPL,
but freely downloadable. I plan on making some under the GPL) 

> but see my previous post: using SimGear as a backend for the
> calculations there would not be a reason to drop the mainly
> Nasal based approach for the actual implementation of the
> logics involved - which would then have many advantages talking
> of flexibility.

Well, Nasal doesn't fit too well in my "standalone" concept. I already
have a scripting language integrated into my X11GC/PHCC* programs (They
share some classes, and can be built into one binary).
I use LUA, an embedded scripting language.
Easy to learn and easy to integrate into your own programs :-)


*PHCC is my cockpit electronics interface solution:

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