i''d like to offer my (bleated) thanks to curtis olson, john wojnaroski and
manuel bessler for taking the time to respond to "yet another newbie".  

i've received some good pointers from you all.

it looks as if there are several approaches i could take to interfacing a stack
of simulated radios to the FG sim.  i guess i'm going to have to roll up my
sleeves and dive into the code base.

one additional approach has occurred to me though, and i wonder if you all can
offer an opinion.

it's been said that there are two approcahes to my problem:

1) write a module that will run once per frame and handle control inputs and
display outputs on my hardware.

2) write a network client that is "telnet based" and send packets over the net.

it occurrs to me that if FG supports telnet, that there must be a class
somewhere that handles socket based communication. since sockets also make a
fairly elegant for of IPC on a unix system, i was thinking that developing a
class (or subclass) for this purpose might work out well with minimum impact to
the existing code.

could anyone commenton this idea please?

in closing, i'd also like to ask if there is any sort of technical reference
dosumentation that would allow a new coder to begin exploring the project.

thanks to all, and best regards,

martin pardee

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