On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 07:23:21AM -0700, martin pardee wrote:
> manuel,
> my 
> (original) primary motivation was to obtain (buy) enough hardware that i could
> have a Fsim that closely resembled the cockpit of the plane i fly ( a piper
> cherokee 180).
> the costs on this approach would easily cover the amount i spend on the anual
> inspection for the airplane.  not a good choice. so...
> that left me with building my own.  after examining (and purchasing) 2 other
> comnmercially avaialable flight sims, i decided that the only practical
> solution was to work with a sim that permitted me access to internals.
> that's how i ended up pestering all of you...  
> :)
> martin

For the hardware part, there's a whole (heavily MSFS biased) community
of "home cockpit builders". There are a few forums where we 'hang out'
and exchange tips and ideas. 
We've also setup a wiki for that kind of stuff:

My co-builder Stephen is currently working on his C172 radio replicas:

Believe me, the way he builds the stuff is one of the cheapest possible :-)


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