On Dienstag 07 September 2004 19:35, Lee Elliott wrote:
> In a/c that have one or more VC views there's a visible 'jitter' when
> looking at parts of the a/c, most notably in my experience, with the
> windshield/canopy frames.
Yep, and most notably when you look at 3d instrtuments.

This is a problem with the OpenGL transform matrices being single precision. 
The transforms include translations to the cenery center and back. This 
jitter is the roundoff of thode two treanslations ...

Making all this stuff double precision would help.

But these matrices are stored in ssg* (=plibs simple scene graph) classes 
which use single precision values. Sadly there is no double precision 
aequivalent available. So this requires something more intelligent that what 
I have investigated some time ago ...



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