Chris Metzler wrote:
On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 07:22:46 +0200
Boris Koenig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

(BTW: even without a locally installed search engine -several were suggested - for flightgear's mailing list archives on,
it would be nice if the addresses to could be added to where you keep reading:
"There is currently no search capability [...]")

I thought everybody knew about Google.

lol, this getting a really hot discussion ...

Please don't get me wrong: I know about google, and so does
probably everybody else here, probably even on the user's list.

But it's not terribly obvious that you have to use google in
order to search the archive, hence the previous comment was
also somewhat misleading.

Because one could easily interpret it as "there is no such thing as a
search function" - while there are - as I and others mentioned - indeed
python scripts that implement a full text search, and which could be
used in order to add such a functionality directly to the archives
stored at, but even without adding something like this
directly, it would make sense to mention the possibility to use other
services in order to search the archives - be it or
google, even though google is not really _meant_ to archive these
mailing lists, I think ;-)

Just use the site restriction "" or even "".

Oh well, thanks for the google tutorial guys :-)

---------- Boris

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