On 9/23/04 at 7:13 PM Erik Hofman wrote:

>Boris Koenig wrote:
>> Anyway, I am going to give this also a shot and contact some companies
>> that provide aerial/satellite image data, could anybody here provide the
>> details concerning the requirements that need to be met for an image
>> to be suitable to be used as a texture for FlightGear ?
>One meter resolution (one meter per pixel) or better would be great.
>For inclusion in the base package we should be allowed to license it
>under the GPL, and we should be allowed to take parts of the picture to
>create a new image.

Terraserver-usa.com includes colour photos of the Seattle region at 1m/pix
, and the following copyright info:

"The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides the Microsoft® TerraServer
site with images and maps of the United States. The images are in the
public domain, and are freely available for you to download, use and
re-distribute. If you download and use any images, the TerraServer team and
the USGS appreciate a reference to our work on this project."

which seems eminently GPL compatible.

Outside the USA - I don't rate your chances for any significant area, but
good luck!

Cheers - Dave

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