Chris Metzler wrote:
On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 00:27:47 +0100
Jon Stockill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

There are already models for VOR/DME, TACAN, and ILS aerials in the Models directory of the base package.

Yeah, I had fetched some VORTAC images off the web and had started to
make a model for it in Blender when suddenly one appeared in the Models
directory (and at KSFO).  It could use some texturing though, and at
some point it might be cool to have two flavors of these things --
when they're at airports, and when they're not -- so that the ones
at airports can have e.g. checkerboard textures.  Another thing I'd
like to do at some point . . .

I would love to see CHART SYMBOLS (2D is okay !) of each possible navaid added to fgfs-base, the kind of standard symbols that are used on Jepp charts or maybe others, cause I would like to fetch them from the base directory in order to display them within FlightGear on some kind of basic map, in order to illustrate navigational concepts.

I have actually already looked for symbols online, but probably
one would have to draw new ones, in order to be able to release
them under the GPL - vector images would be also neat, so that
they can be dynamically resized, without quality change.

That way I could display stations and their relational position
towards an imaginary aircraft.

I have already looked into the source code, in order to add some
new fgcommands that load/display images in a particular location
on the screen ... but didn't yet find anything that looks
appropriate, probably I will simply take the routines that
load SVG instrument layers ...will just have to find the
stuff :-)

Also, I will have to ask some questions about how to DYNAMICALLY
animate an instrument on demand - if anybody's got ideas, it would
be appreciated :-)

(This is all for the FliteTutor thing ...)


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