Mathias Fröhlich wrote:

> Sent: 18 October 2004 19:38
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> Subject: Re: [Flightgear-devel] status of aircraft carrier
> Hi,
> On Donnerstag 14 Oktober 2004 17:59, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > Mathias Fröhlich wrote a long time ago:
> ... sadly yes.
> > In the next couple of days or so I will have completed a model of a
> Seafire
> > IIIc. It has a functioning hook, so I was set to wondering if there was
> any
> > progress on the arrester wire project???
> not yet.
> I have thought about many things in this area. But no code yet.
> > In the course of the work on Submodels, I realized that it should be
> > possible to re-use some of that code to provide the location of the hook
> on
> > a near frame-by-frame basis in geodetic terms. Intersection with a 'wire
> > surface' should be possible to calculate. But then we need to apply a
> > suitable force to the fdm. I wonder if a mega-brake would do the
> trick???
> > At least as a first try.
> Hmm,
> I am not satisfied with anything which is only working on a per frame
> basis.
> Just because, if so, we will have different bevour of our physical models
> dependent of the frammerate.

I think I put this bit badly. The geodetic output would be dependent on the
speed of an iteration loop. If we are only modeling an arrester wire
_surface_ it should suffice. I can generate some proof-of-principle code for
this quite readily, I think. I'll see what I can do.

My main conceptual difficulty is the compass alignment of the arrester wire
surface. If we test the hook position in geodetic terms, i.e. lat a < hook
pos < lat b etc. how do we account for the odd triangles at the corners?

> We can just tell that this will model the randomness of catching the wire.
> But
> IMO I would like to be able to infulence this randomness by myself.

Good point. The probability of catching a wire given that the hook
intersects the wire surface is ... ? Some function of hook design, number of
wires, aircraft velocities, ship velocities ... some pure chance ... ? 




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