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> Subject: RE: [Flightgear-devel] status of aircraft carrier
> Vivian Meazza writes:
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> > Norman Vine wrote:
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> > > < soapbox >
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> > > FWIW using LLZ for anything except using user input / output is a step
> > > back to the 'dark ages' of the pre satelite era and the advances in
> > > Geodysey of the post Sputnik world.
> > >
> > > < /soapbox >
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> > Unless that is, someone can tell me how to access the X,Y,Z co-ordinates
> of
> > a model, otherwise I'm going to have to do it in lat/long/alt.
> You are talking about user input / output right ?
> Which can all go thru a translation unit.

At the moment it goes like this, (and it's working).

I take the LLZ coordinates of the aircraft, (because that's all I can get
right now), and the offset (feet) of the hook bill in its lowered position.

I take the roll, pitch, and azimuth of the aircraft and use them to
transform the offsets.

I convert the output to degrees lat and long which, together with altitude
is added to the original LLZ data to find the current position of the hook
in LLZ terms.

It would be easy to convert to X,Y,Z coordinates, if I knew the equations (I
have suitable equations for ft to degrees lat/long) or, better, I could
start in X,Y,Z.  

> I realize that Columbus came centuries after Hipparchus and
> that Sputnik was only several decades ago :-)

Hmm ... Colombus ... well us Royal Navy chaps are a mite conservative. If it
was good enough for Nelson ... no point in hurrying things :-)



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