in the ATC system, on what OS platform does FG run?

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 10:26, Curtis Olson wrote:
> I am still out of town for the rest of the week, but I thought I'd post 
> a quick report from the AOPA convention this past weekend in the LA area.
> I was there with ATC flight simulators to demo their ATC-610 upgrade 
> package which turns their old 100% analog ATC-610 into a new, modern 
> digital flight simulator using FG as the visual system, and the core 
> software infrastructure, along with proprietary software for the flight 
> dynamics and instructor station and their cockpit hardware.  The new 
> system is FAA Level 3 FTD certifiable which is a lot tougher to get than 
> PC-ATD certification, and allows you to log more hours towards the 
> different ratings.
> The expo was 3 days long and there were a ton of people each day.  Our 
> booth was generally a mob scene, often with several people waiting a 
> turn to fly.  Interestingly because this was largly a "pilot" 
> convention, many people didn't want to fly and submit to the scrutiny 
> and smart alec commets of the "audience."  But we got enough takers to 
> keep the sim busy. :-)  Overwhelmingly the response to our sim (and 
> FlightGear) was very positive.  We had endless people sit down and fly 
> the simulator.  Over the course of the 3 days we continuously 
> repositioned the sim in new locations and situations, continually 
> changed weather and other conditions, had people crash into the ground, 
> etc. etc.  I was very please to see our software ran rock solid the 
> entire time.  We just fired up the sim at the beginning of the day and 
> left it run until they kicked us out in the evening ... it was rock 
> solid through everything we through at it.  I was very pleased with the 
> results of this "stress test".
> Common questions and comments (beyond how much does the whole thing 
> cost) were:
> Is that running MSFS? (or what software are you running?)
> Are those real gauges? (we are using photo-based textures to draw 
> virtual instruments on an LCD display behind a panel cutout.  Many 
> people came and left thinking they were real gauges.  We even had one 
> guy come by and comment to his buddy, "Oh, they are using those gauges 
> from XYZ company." :-)
> People were impressed with the smoothness of the panel and the modeling 
> of the different systems and built in sensor errors.
> People were also impressed with the time of day modeling and 
> day/night/dusk effects.
> We had some people stop by that use simulators to train pilots to 
> transition from IFR in  minimums to visual flying and *very* carefully 
> examined how much of the approach lighting system was actually visible 
> at specific visibility distances and at specific points of the approach 
> and seemed to think we were right on with those.
> We did a lot of demoing in the SFO area and people really liked the 
> building and bridge and other landmark models.
> I ran into Robin Peel of airport and navaid DB fame.  There was a guy 
> standing there asking if we used FG for any of our software, he said 
> something about nav databases, I looked at his name tag which read 
> "Robin", he looked at my name tag, and we had one of those "aha!" type 
> moments. :-)  The next day he released new nav/apt data.
> John Wojnaroski stopped by and it was good to finally meet him.  I went 
> out to his place today in LA to see the 747 sim he is building in his 
> living room.
> Alex and Trisha Perry stopped by the last day and we really appreciated 
> their insistance on sticking around after the show to chip in on some of 
> the take down and clean up.
> We were near the Elite booth (who showed up with their igate product) 
> and back to back with the Precision Flight Controls booth.  It was 
> interesting to compare our sim to our nearest "competitors".  It was 
> also interesting to see them come check out our stuff and watch their 
> competitive/defensive mechanism kick in. :-)  Like anything, everyone 
> has their strength's and weaknesses and their best target audience, but 
> it was very interesting to compare and see where each of us set the bar 
> in various areas.
> A lot of people asked about GPS modeling which we (and FlightGear) 
> really don't do a good job of yet.  I know that Roy has started to work 
> on some gps internals, but it would be cool someday to be able to mimic 
> in flightgear the sorts of gps units people are putting in airplanes 
> these days ... such as the garmin 430/530.
> Another thing that a *lot* of people asked about was glass cockpits. 
>  John W. has done some really good work on this front for his 747 
> project, but it is kind of isolated and specific to his system.  So this 
> is another area where there is a lot of interest, but FG is a bit weak.
> Overall we had a really good show and FG performed spectacularly. 
>  Collectively I think we are doing some really good work that compares 
> very well with people that are doing this full time as their primary 
> business.  And in a few areas we are totally kicking their butts which 
> is also kind of fun to see. :-)
> Best regards,
> Curt.

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