On October 27, 2004 04:18 pm, David Culp wrote:
> One way to do this will be to define the deck(s)
> as a set of rectangles; I think two should do it, but maybe more.  
> user aircraft gets close to the deck (using radar range and altitude) the
> AICarrier will start checking to see if the aircraft is within the area
> bounded by any of the rectangles.
A seperate class should be made for the deck, call SolidObject.  It should be 
activiate by using XML.  For example:
This way, other portions on the aircraft carrier can be definied as solid if 
one desires.

It should also be the aircraft's responsibility to check whether this 
SolidObject is within the aircraft's boundary.

The aim is not to limit the use of this code on the carrier only.  It is best 
to be able to reuse the code on other areas.


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