My Name is Florian Schiessl, im 26, I write my master thesis in electrical engineering right now. I have been following the FlightGear project for some time now, and want first to make you a compliment that it is great that there are people working for this great and free project.

I make my master thesis about the development of a virtual sports game. The user will be hanging in some sports machine. He can move his arms and feet and fly like a bird. Sensors pick up the movement. He can fly through a virtual reality that is represented on a computer display.

I develop the simulation software. I want to use Flight Gear as a basic structure. I have some questions regarding your oppinions what the best place or method for implementeing some features is.
I will pulbish everything under the GPL. And It will still be obvious for the user that FlightGear is the basic software. I dont want do change stuff in the source code of FlightGear, so that it is a real addon. But of course, for some features written code could be useful for Flightgear. The property system seems to be very powerfull, but I havent still found out all details. Maybe u can help me.

1. GUI question.
I want to have a startup that is in the middle of the screen where the user can choose the scenarios he wants to do. I dont need the menu bar. The user needs to input some dates like weight, height, gender.
Can I start FlightGear with some start parameters that would allow that ?

2. Panels
I would need some panels that show stuff like burned calories or flown meters. I also need to keep some kind of Highscore board. This should be easy with the XMLs ?

3. I need a new flight model, that is similar to a birds flight model. Is there something like it or can i bend one of the existing to be satisfying.

4. I need an abstract flight scenario, where there is no real landscape but maybe a red floor, a green canyon and blue walls.(the colors were just for the example) Can i use terragear for that ?

5. I need a network modus where two players can fly against each other. Is the network modul already able to do this or do I need to rewrite or enhance it. I would submit these changes of course to the offical source code if requested.

6. I need to be able to add objects dynamically to the virtual reality. For example, i plan to have a scenario where the user hast to fly through gates in the right order within a specific time. Is it possible allready just with the properties system or do i need to write code.

7. Is there a collition detection in the code ? I want the user to be able to collect for example coins that hang in the mid air. :)

8. Is there a "shoot on each other code" in FlightGear. I would like to have a mutliplayer modus where two players can hunt each other down by shooting. (always remember that they have to do real sport to manuveur in the game) :)

9. Can I add a new vrml model that represents a human hanging in some kind of glider.

OK, a small statement to each question helps me alot. Thanx for your help in advance.

Sorry for my english. I'm not very good at writing..

Cu, Floh

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