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> So if we are
> more a non military sim lets put this HUD rubbish to
> bed.

Unless everyone can agree that FG must be a civilian
only sim I see little reason why we should not add
features that support the military style aircraft.
The only time you have a valid reason for complaining
is if someone forces you against your will to add
those features.
You can't complain when someone does it out of their
own will in their free time.

> No pilot models in the cockpit.Since these models
> consume about 1000 vertex 
> each which
> is about 3 3d instruments.Would it not be better to
> have the instruments 
> than the eye
> candy.

Why not have both? My 3 year old PeeCee has plenty of
horse power left and a flying aircraft without a pilot
looks rather odd to me.

If people don't like eye candy then let's make a way
to switch it off but why take the eye candy away from
people who want it?

People use FG for many different reasons. Some are
only interested in hardcore aspects like accurate
instrument approaches and FDMs while others want to
use FG just for the joy of flying.

> So if the todo list is to be realisitic should it
> not contain only the 
> things that are missing on the real
> aircraft not a list of things that are neither
> available yet in FG (eg 
> lighting) or never part of the  real aircraft in the
> first place.

Lighting is important. How can one use FG for night
training at the moment if you can't see the ground
properly? Why even bother with runway and taxiway
lights then?
I would love to see decent lighting added.

> End of Rant.

Nice rant.  ;-)


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