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How hard would it be to allow aircraft to live in an arbitrary structure underneath data/Aircraft?

From a JSBSim FDM point of view, I've been giving this some thought with respect to standalone JSBSim, as well. There ought to be more flexibility in this system. We have aircraft, engines, control systems, etc. files. Some of them we might tend to want to be interchangeable - that is, allow use of an engine with several aircraft. The idea is to preclude the need to have an engine defined in each aircraft subdirectory and just have one engine "corral" (sorry - remember, I'm from Texas ;-) However, I am beginning to warm to the idea of having one location where an aircraft could be found, and under that - or even inside that directory - the engine itself could be found, as well as other required files. The engine files specifically are small enough so they could be duplicated with hardly a storage impact at all.

Ideally, the "controlling program" (either the JSBSim.cpp wrapper for standalone operation, the Flightgear FDM interface class in the case of integrated operation, etc...) would pass along or specify the directory to search and the aircraft file name. We really don't care where we get the aircraft file name from - we just need the file name (and path). Right now, I think we are trying to be too rigid in specifying where files are to be found.


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